• Samuel Davilmar

The beauty that is, QueenyKaay!

My very first boss lady, to grace The Movement!!

QueenyKaay is a Canadian born Actor and content creator who specializes in natural hair beauty for Black Women, and women of colour. She started her YouTube journey in 2015 and now has over 200 thousand subscribers world wide!

I had the pleasure of sitting down with her and talking everything from natural hair for black woman, the "Big Chop", and supporting black owned.

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I don't feel like its wrong to support black owned businesses. Black people have always had a shame in supporting ourselves. We are always the ones that have to stretch out.

I have to admit I haven't always supported black owned businesses myself. I'm not sure if its because I felt that it would other me, or simply because I just didn't seek it out; but hearing Queeny speak so passionately inspired me.

Black people owe it to themselves to invest in their own generational wealth, but we can't do it alone. We need others to show us support for all that we contribute to our markets and communities.

Of all the beauty influencers out their that you can name by heart, there are very few that cater to black women. This is something that became increasingly apparent when talking to Queeny about her own beauty and hair journey, as she came up on Youtube.

This is ironic because in 2017 Essence Magazine found Black Americans captured 86% of the ethnic beauty market, generating $54 Million. Black Americans also accounted for $127 million in grooming and $465 million in skincare. So clearly there is market for black beauty!

Numbers don't lie, and neither does the magic of black beauty. With the extensive experience QueenKaay has earned over the years, I am so happy to see the launch of her new business qoils! (www.shopqoils.com)

qoils is all about beauty and wellness but it’s ultimately a brand focused on self care and being your best and most authentic self!
The name qoils is inspired by our beautiful hair coils but spelled this way because q...oils..? Get it?

To find out more about qoils, aaannd to support black owned follow Shopqoils instagram and visit their website.

I look forward to seeing QueenyKaay shine, and provide beauty for all the brown skin girls out there!


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