• Samuel Davilmar

Stay Respected, with Bomanizer!

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Boman!

Boman is a Canadian born content creator and Actor. He flourished over social media with his comedic over the top skits, based on reality television. He started his first started Tik Tok back in December of 2019, and now he has an astounding 1.4 Million followers! Since then he's appeared in Huffington Post, ET Canada, MTV's Catfish, Target, and Vidcon to name a few.

(Click the photo to watch the full Interview)

Sitting down with him and getting to pick his brain was not only a pleasure, but quite eye opening as well. As a dancer I'm not as familiar with the world of Youtube and Tik Tok, so it was great to hear his take on how those social platforms have evolved since the days of simple low pixilated videos from our bedrooms.

We also get into the nitty gritty about the effects of all social platforms, the importance of relatability, and the BLM movement!

You Are an Extension of the Power That Created the Universe

- RuPaul

Boman is such a light in this world and I'm so honoured to of had him on the show. He is as smart and intuitive as he is hilarious, and all the while continuing to appreciate the value of Canadian artists. He IS the definition of true Black Boy Joy, and I am so excited to watch his career continue to flourish!


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