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Roy Urbanozo X Dance Plug Canada

Roy Urbanozo is a young entrepreneur, podcast host & producer, and founder of The Dance Plug Canada! I had Roy on to talk about all things Dance Plug, advocating for dancers, and navigating being and a new entrepreneur!

Dance Plug Canada is a community-based media and news organization with a focus on lending support for dancers, primarily in the commercial and street dance sectors of the dance community.

The Dance Plug Canada has been live since 2018 and has grown exponentially through Social Media and their podcast, Unplugged. The goal is to provide the necessary tools, knowledge and resources for dancers in a centralized platform.

Roy talks the process of being a new entrepreneur and the learning curve!

Here are three tips he's found the most useful for new entrepreneurs!

-surrounds yourself with other entrepreneurs!

- Do your research! Take a finance course, or business course, learn more about marketing.

- Stay positive and remember your core values!

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With his unique position, advocacating for dancers within the industry has become apart of the Dance Plug brand! Often times it can feel lonely and like there is no one on our side looking out for us. Roy is providing that support for dancers and artists across Canada with Dance Plug.

"The one thing I keep hearing is I'm meant to do this. This is my calling!"

In building this platform, he also sought out to further support dancers with useful knowledge and advice. Featuring new guest weekly on his podcast "unplugged", Roy brings information new and old right to the artists ears. This was prompted so dancers could have more tools at their disposal, other than just physical training.

Roy continues to champion the dance community even during his these eerie times of Covid19! It's been a year of firsts and learning to navigate them, but all the while he's been working to ensure dancers have what they need to get by. To follow Roy and support Dance Plug Canada, visit www.thedanceplug.ca and keep connected.


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