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Convo's with Thomas Colford

Thomas Colford is a Canadian born Dancer, and Actor most known for his role as Richard on Centre Stage: On Point.

Thomas has been a huge insporatrion for me when it comes to character! Luckily I have the pleasure to know him so I'm bisaed, but his passion for people is clear. It stands out, from him championing diversity to his continous fight for social issues in and around the artistc community,where pay and respect are conserned. Getting to sit down with him reminded me of all this and so much more!

With many beautiful qualities one of the best about Thomas is his willingness to be open. In the midst of our current circumstances its fair to say we all have alot on our plate, and everyone is handling it differently. Thomas shares that one way hes checks in with his mental health is therapy, this jounrney started long before the joke that has been 2020, but still useful. He reckonizes the journey with menal health is never necessarily over, but you learn to develop new tricks along the way.

And now a star on the rise!!

With the latest release of his EP "Something About Expectations" I cannot wait to see how hihg he flys.

The release of the EP was well after our chat, so I never got to pick his brain behind the project but I guess that means I just might have him back!

Something i've realized about Thomas, even through our interview is his affinity for knowledge and the exchange of give and take. Wether that be in relation to his art, his relationships, or even just his interations. It seems that Thomas is always willing to be both the student and the teacher, and take that through his journey. If there's any take away from our time together, that what I would leave you with.

We are building the world we want to inherit!

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