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Catch Up with Chris T

Chris Tsiantoulas is a Professional Dancer, Choreographer and Teacher currently residing in Toronto. Chris has had the opportunity to work with many well renowned choreographers throughout the city including Jeff Dimitriou, Tanisha Scott, Mark Samuels, Scott Fordham, Leon Blackwood, Caroline Torti, Paul Becker, and Apolonia Velasquez (GADFLY), among many others.

Recently finishing touring as the1st place Professional Elite Protégé for the The Dance Xperience, formerly known as The Pulse On Tour, assisting and working alongside some of the most globally-recognized choreographers in the industry including Gil Duldulao, Katy Tate, Dean Lee, Lane Napper, Ian Eastwood, Nancy O’Meara, Matt Steffanina, Lacey Schwimmer, and Cris Judd to name a few.

His fiery passion for teaching and choreographing has led him to create his own elite dance troupe titled ‘Proper Etiquette’. He decided to bring together this group of dancers to elevate the Jazz Funk scene in Toronto and to provide opportunities to those dancers that commit their time to training with him on a weekly basis. He feels extremely connected to the work that he creates and wishes to use this platform as another way to share his intense passion with the world.

Chris is a person who can only be described as severely motivated! He loves his art, and believes whole heartedly that if you want something, the only way to attain it is by hard work and dedication. This is a particularly amazing quality to have, especially for the upcoming generation of dancers, and artist.

Another way Chris continues to motivate, is through his company Proper Etiquette. This allows him to train and nurture his students at a closer and individualized proximity. Tracking growth and rate of change, his students are able to learn more from him in this environment, apposed to only attending his drop ins. He believes that in his own life, the passion for hard work has benefited his career and mindset to achieving goals. Acknowledging this experience and gift he's opted to use it for others, urging his students and peers to work hard, and go for their dreams.

I was brought in this world to get you off your ass! I'm blessed to have this inside of me. Since I have this ability to self motivate and push beyond my limits, its selfish to not make it contagious. As soon as you get the momentum going, you won't stop. You need to be the change you want to see in your life!

Last week I got the opportunity to speak with Chris via Instagram Live and we touched on motivation, and the importance of continued training amid Covid19.(The Live is saved on @samdarius IG TV) Hearing his perspective on the turn the creative industry has taken in regards to training, gave insight into the commitment to learning when it comes to professionals.

All your learning is more about yourself. The lack of physical communication, I feel needed to happen because we were becoming dependent on having someone motivate us.

He elaborates to express though unfortunate, this has given us access to choreographers and artist, across the globe that we would't normally have access to. Providing an opportunity we are not normally accustom too, but that we must take advantage of while we are still in our current situation. We also got to touched on questions asked by viewers such as, "What steps we're talking in our career to reach our goals?" and "How we balance our own choreography and Training in unfamiliar styles?".

Chris continues to create content, and provide training opportunities through his Instagram. (https://www.instagram.com/christos_tsiantoulas/ ) He pushes to motivate those he teaches and those in the dance community to be the best version one themselves. For more information regarding Chris, please visit his personal IG, along wth the IG of his company Promer Ettiqute. (https://www.instagram.com/properetiquetteto/)


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